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webIn today’s internet driven world, websites are the heart of everything from business to gaming to social experiences to even academics. So, in this web driven world, web developers are the pioneers. Webworld is an event which begets in you a web developer equipped with new technologies and all the skills needed. Here is an event for all you surfers, programmers, designers and everyone to be a part of the web revolution.Are you the one to come up with the most amazing design with a heap of functionalities?


Teams will be required to come with what they have built so far and will have to host their website on a web server.
The teams will have to present their website to the judges of the event. The team will have to go through rigorous questioning by the panel.

Rules and Regulations:

1. This is a team event of maximum 3 members.
2. .Multiple problem statements will be uploaded. You can choose only one problem statement.
3. You can use any platform of your choice.
4. There is no limit on space/size of the website.
5. You are NOT allowed to use Content Management Systems like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress etc.
6. You can use open source libraries like jQuery, but must mention them in the abstract.
7. You must mention all third party elements that you are going to use in the abstract.
8. Documentation must include descriptions of all the files, databases, server scripts, etc.
9. The decision of the judges and co-coordinators will be final and binding on all the participants.
10. You can host your website on any server or your own laptop.
11. You need to provide source code to the judging panel.

Prize Money:

1st Prize: Rs. 2000

2nd Prize: Rs. 1000

For further details contact:
Vikrant – 7404143193


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