The Sound of Music

Musical Play

Skits are always amazing but with beats of music in the background, the whole experience becomes much more refreshing. Time to bring out the actor in you, time to let yourself get lost in the fantasy. Your expressions are your weapons. Form a gang and come with a bang.


  1. The play should be based on a theme.
  2. Music should be strictly according to the theme.
  3. Participants can speak themselves but background music should be there.
  4. There should be no offensive or vulgar contents.
  5. The number of participants per team must be between 10 – 15.
  6. The duration of the performance must not exceed 20 minutes.
  7. Participants must to send URL of their video entries for registrations HERE.


Prize Money: ₹ 10,000.

For further details contact:

Shivam Mohindroo +91-9671056782
Raghav Singla +91-9896715233


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