Manual Robotics

Manual Robotics

Competing with others always gives us excitement. In this event we provide you a golden opportunity to prove your skill in creating a robot and competing with other participants.
Problem Statement: You have to design a bot which is capable of moving and picking a block.
Team Size: 2-4 members.
Use of any other sources such as chemicals, compressed gas, rockets, etc. is not allowed.

The electric voltage anywhere in the machine should not exceed 24 V at any point of time.

There will be a penalty every time the vehicle strikes the wall/boundary and also every time it requires lifting up.

Machine should be fitted in a box having dimensions 300mm x 300mm x 450mm (L*B*H) at any moment of time during the race. The external device which is used to control the device is not included in the size constraint.

The machine should use DC motor for propulsion. DC motors and servos can be used for steering mechanisms or any other control mechanisms apart from propulsion.

The Arm should use only the self-made mechanical mechanisms (Gears, belt pulley, pneumatic, hydraulic, Cam, Chain -sprocket etc.)

A remote controlled bot (car), powered only by a DC motor, which can complete task with obstacles in minimum possible time. The time trial pack may compose of several turns with increasing difficulty levels.
Bot should have an arm which is capable of picking and placing the blocksĀ from one point to another on the track. (Blocks can be on different heights and at different places, the maximum height at which block will be placed will not exceed 300 mm from ground).
The team with the minimum time elapsed will be declared as winner.
There will be penalty points for touching the robot once the race has started.
In any case, the bot has to complete the whole track in order to avoid disqualification.
Particular time will be given to each team, and in that time the team has to complete the task.
Detailed description for the granting of points will be disclosed on the spot by the organizing committee.

Size: 100*100*80(L*B*H)
Weight: less than 250 gram.


For further details contact:
Vinay Sagar: +91-9034422522


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