Electr – O – Marathon

Electr - O - Marathon



In this event, written problems would be given. It will compromise of three rounds. All the three rounds will have question based on Electronics and Communication. In the successive rounds, the level of questions will increase. For instance, the question can be on ohms law, Thevnin’s theorem etc.

It is basically a treasure hunt with different kind of clues being hidden in different electronics lab. Candidates are being required to apply in a group of four (each from1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th year). It is a Three round Event
Procedure involved / Specifications
Level 1:

First of all there will be a written test for the registered students. (Depends on the strength)
Level 2:

1. All the teams will be provided with an initial puzzle. Solemnizing the puzzle the candidates will get a hint about the lab they need to reach.

2. After reaching the desired lab they’ll be again given with a riddle based on the subject involved with the lab, after showing that riddle they’ll be given with a numerical value that is going to help them in the ultimate numerical they need to solve.

3. Then they have to move to the next lab and again the same procedure will repeated 4. In total they need to cover 4 labs and in the end they need to solve the ultimate numerical with the help of values given to them in each lab.

Level 3: Final three teams are given a circuit on paper. They need to assemble the circuit on the bread board and should produce the desired output. The first one to implement the circuit correctly will win
The event organizers reserve the right to make minor modifications to the above rules. The changes will be duly notified.


For further details contact:
Pramod Kumar – +91-8053741579

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