Web World

In today’s internet driven world, websites are the heart of everything from business to gaming to social experiences to even academics. So, in this web driven world, web developers are the pioneers. Webworld is an event which begets in you a web developer equipped with new technologies and all the skills needed. Here is an event for all you surfers, programmers, designers and everyone to be a part of the web revolution.Are you the one to come up with the most amazing design with a heap of functionalities?
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Language Wizard

“It can be argued that the computer is humanity’s attempt to replicate the human brain. This is perhaps an unattainable goal. However, unattainable goals often lead to outstanding accomplishment.”Language Wizard is the most vivid event of Excelsior. It serves to test your knowledge at its best and provides you a golden opportunity to show off your computer science knowledge and prove your individuality in the midst of computer science geeks.Are you ready to amaze the rest of cyberfolks with your zest?
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